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Regulation: The Facts

There is much confusion in the British Yoga world about regulation and the certificates required for working teachers. Here are the facts and a “WHO’S WHO” of the main players.

THE FACTS: There are no legal requirements for Yoga teachers and there is no statutory legislation governing the teaching of Yoga in the UK other than common law.


Mereology: Peter Blackaby

parts-510x340The study of the relationship of parts to the whole. 

Stomachs don’t eat lunch, mouths don’t talk and eyes don’t see…


Feature: Yoga Therapy

wp0f8c5fa0_05_06What is yoga therapy?

Six divergent views on this vital question.


Samadhi: Godfrey Devereux

wp8e1613c6_05_06Samadhi is a technical term that has become a part of the everyday language of yoga practitioners. Samadhi is a technical term that relates to an aspect of consciousness. Just as ‘quark’ is a technical term that relates to an aspect of matter. It’s a technicality that is quite difficult for non-physicists to understand. Its not that easy to understand what a quark is, and how come there can never be one quark by itself. We don’t understand these things because we are not physicists: we don’t have the training. The term samadhi is similarly used without any understanding of what it means. 


Love & The Void: Pete Yates

photoThis immediate awareness is of our lives as they are unfolding. Though we can conceive of alternative realities and other possible worlds, and though prediction and planning are ineluctable parts of the game of being human, and though we are well advised to embrace wholeheartedly these parts of our humanity, THIS is what we have to work with if we are to investigate the rumour of enlightenment, or even modestly just to find out about ourselves.


Yoga & Stories: Matthew Head

DerwentSnowIn what follows, I would like to consider the subject of Yoga in its relationship with stories. This is a personal exploration and I have no wish to take any kind of comprehensive or categorical stance on the nature or scope of either Yoga or stories. I simply want to offer a brief survey of some of my own thoughts and feelings in the area, partly as clarification for my own benefit but also to share them.