Yoga goes everywhere, past your left hand and your right-filling the whole of space.

It is breath to every thing and yet it asks for nothing back;

It feeds and creates everything, but it will never tell you so.

It nurtures all things without reigning over them.

It describes itself in the lowest of the low.

It holds what it makes, yet never fights to do so.

That is why we call it yoga.

Why because it never pretends to govern.

“when yoga is lost sight of- then people have to try to be kind and gentle. They try to compensate by being clever and impose their own standards but this only breeds hypocrisy and sleight-of-hand.”

The kind of person who always insists on their way of seeing things can never learn anything from anyone.

Those who always want to be seen will never help others to be.

The snowman is never secretly respected by anyone.

People like these, say the wise ones are as useless as the left-over food at a feast.

No true follower can relate to them.

Lao Tzu (recognised by  free spirits everywhere )

A gentle adaptation.

Simon Hunt