We frequently get asked to provide COVID guidlines. However, the IYN has no authority in this area. The only really authoritative sources are the web sites of the Westminster parliament and the devolved governments of the UK nations. Given that these national regulations and advice differ and that there are now various ‘levels’ of lockdown applying to regions and cities, and even differences within the levels, all but minimal generic advice is impossible. There are also differences between the UK nations regarding what is legally required and what is advised, and nuances regarding venues in which yoga classes might take place which compound the difficulty of giving generic advice. On top that, the situation is very fast-moving. This much we can say: do your own research!

If in England, go here –

In Scotland, here –

In Wales, here –

In Northern Ireland, here –

These sites are well organised and you should be able to find what pertains to your particular situation. Here’s our minimal generic advice: Don’t expect to find yoga specifically mentioned; you will need to look for the nearest thing to what you do. You will need to look for the kind of venue you work in. If you are employed or hire a venue, much of the responsibility will devolve to your employer or venue owner, but be aware that they might not discharge their duty properly. Generally, risk assessments will need to be done and environments will need to be ‘covid safe’. Look for information on your locality too and be prepared for sudden change.